Try the Declutter the Kitchen Challenge

cleaning the kitchen

Online challenges are often the funny fodder of social media posts, but it’s never a bad idea to get your Narrows Pointe apartment looking spick-and-span. Take this week to roll up your sleeves and try the Declutter the Kitchen Challenge inside our North Tacoma apartments.

Day 1: Supplies

When decluttering your kitchen, you first need to evaluate your cleaning supplies, as you’ll be using them during the rest of this challenge. While these products have long shelf lives, many of them still degrade over time. Check out this guide to determine which products should be discarded.

Day 2: Drawers

Despite our best efforts, items always seem to accumulate in our “junk drawers.” Everything from sauce packets to tools, tape, and batteries can be found in these catch-all drawers. After you trash the items you no longer need, get organized by sorting the remaining items with a drawer organizer.

Day 3: Spices and Staples

We’ll get to the other pantry items soon, but let’s start with spices and staples. Sort through your shelf-stable supplies to spot duplicate items. If you find any, combine them into one single container.

Day 4: Cupboards and Pantry

Now it’s time to inspect the remaining food in your pantry. Expiration dates are key, so get rid of anything that’s already gone bad. When you’re done, examine your reusable plasticware because storage container lids often go missing, or become too dilapidated for use. Finally, grab a rag and multi-surface cleaner to wipe down your cupboards and pantry.

Day 5: The Refrigerator

Refrigerators frequently accumulate spoiled leftovers, rotten produce, and duplicate condiments. Take a beat to sort through and separate the good food from the bad. Then, wipe down each shelf and drawer.

Day 6: The Freezer

Eliminate items that are old or nearly empty. If you’re uncertain about something, consider thawing and/or disposing of the items in question. As a general rule, frozen foods last around three months

Day 7: Surfaces and Tables

On the final day of the Declutter the Kitchen Challenge, it’s time to clean up your surfaces. The kitchen table often becomes littered with mail and other papers. Consider organizing this clutter into boxes or folders, so that it never ends up on your surfaces again. Then, wipe down your tables and counters until they sparkle.

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